Sharknado 6 Will End the Franchise

Sharknado 6 Will End the Franchise
All good things must come to an end. And by the same logic, all ridiculous but somehow enduring things must also come to an end. With that, the Sharknado franchise is being put out to greener pasture. SyFy has decided to end the long-running B-movie series after the upcoming Sharknado 6. But they're going to go out with a bang, as the final installment is going to jump to new levels of ridiculous by introducing time travel into the mix. So fans of Sharknado still have one extra insane adventure to look forward to.

There's no exact word on why the network is calling it quits after Sharknado 6, but our guess is because they've already made five other Sharknado movies and they're surprisingly just now running out of ideas. The fact that such a truly campy idea made it this far is impressive. So, the question is, what are
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