Omfg: We Unpacked the Drama of Three International Versions of 'Gossip Girl'

As Gossip Girl was gasping her last breath (and spouting off some nonsensical metaphor, probably) it was announced that Mexico was getting Gossip Girl Acapulco, a treat for all of us who barely passed Spanish II. But if you still can't get enough of Gossip Girl, get this: there's more than one global remake out there. And even though we don't understand Thai or Turkish too well, rest assured that drama is an international language. And these versions are just as addicting. Gossip Girl Acapulco and Gossip Girl Thailand are pretty faithful to the original Gossip Girl mythos. Acapulco's main difference is that it cranks up the heat — like literally, it's hot out, so Mexican Nate and Serena can have their illicit tryst in warm bodies of water instead of the boring, cold bar at the Sheppard wedding. Thailand is so spot on that while watching, we could identify specific episodes and predict certain storylines.
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