Whatever happened to The Last Dragon?

Craig Lines Feb 7, 2018

The Last Dragon was quite a different martial arts film. We dig into its story, and what happened...

When I was a kid in the local video library, I worked my way through as many martial arts films as I could, renting literally anything that had a bare-chested dude in a fighting stance on the cover. One film that fit the description, but stood out as being very different, was The Last Dragon.

As the brainchild of Berry Gordy, the mastermind behind Motown Records, it mixes martial arts, music, supernatural adventure, Bruceploitation, comedy and dance to surprisingly dazzling effect. The soundtrack is a showcase of what Motown Records was about in the mid-80s (arguably a second golden age for them), and its lead single – Rhythm Of The Night by DeBarge – should be familiar to anyone who knows their pop classics. But, far from being a flimsy
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