On cloud nine by Jennie Kermode

Jane Spencer

Just over three years ago, I interviewed Jane Spencer about her film The Ninth Cloud. That film will enjoy a special screening in London, where it's set, on the12th of February, and Jane is working on a new film, South Of Hope Street. She took time out from her busy schedule to catch up and discuss her current projects.

"It's a science fiction piece. It also has a female lead. I'd compare it to a film like Alphaville," she says of South Of Hope Street. "Michael [Madsen] has a cameo role in it as a kind of hippy character, and that's funny for him. Also we have Hilmir Snær Guðnason, who was in a film called 101 Rejkjavik a while back, and he's brilliant. And an Arab actor named Zafer El-Abedin who plays an immigrant in the film, he's wonderful also. Tanna Frederick is my lead actress. She's...
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