Open Fan Letter to Warner Bros. Regarding Their Future of DC Films

Dear Warner Bros.,

Here we are on the cusp of a new year. Justice League (Jl) is still struggling at the box office, trying to recoup the heavy financial losses, while fans are left wondering what will happen next. WB and DC use to be at the top of the superhero genre with such great classic films like Superman (‘78) and Batman (‘89), each of which had a successful sequel...and not so successful proceeding films. If anything can be learned from these past films, chasing possible viewer trends is risky, and putting nipples on the batsuit was a horrible idea. However, as we move forward into a new year all I have to say is, hold on! Even though Jl is not the box office hit you hoped it would be there are plenty of silver linings to be found within the catalog of DC characters and the Dceu as a whole.
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