Sales art for Roger Corman’s CobraGator starring Michael Madsen

New Horizons Pictures has unveiled the sales art for CobraGator, a new creature feature from director Jim Wynorski and executive producer Roger Corman. Check it out here…

A crazed genetic engineer (Michael Madsen) from deep within the bayou creates a nightmarish offshoot of a giant snake and fearsome alligator… the CobraGator. And it’s not long before this giant, man-eating creature escapes into the swamp and begins terrorizing anything and anybody in its deadly path.

First up on the menu: a group of innocent young people who’ve come to shoot a rock video amidst the natural splendour of the secluded inland waterways. Only their fun is quickly terminator when the CobraGator devours the lead singer and starts chasing the remaining teens through the dense and foreboding marsh.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Madsen and his fellow hunter (Paul Logan) are after them too – wanting to permanently silence
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