‘Flip Flop Solitaire’ re-imagines traditional Solitaire

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Flip Flop Solitaire was officially released on the App Store for iOS devices this month by mobile game designer Zach Gage and the title is expected to alter the traditional common perception of the classic card game.

Solitaire… But Not As We Know It!

This latest incarnation of Solitaire is a world away from the basic game that so many people first encountered during a period of extreme boredom at the desk of their Windows-powered computer. Creator of the game Gage has already had one attempt at changing the face of Solitaire. Sage Solitaire was released two years ago and looked to take inspiration from the popular card game of poker to give Solitaire a new image.

Enter’s the Spider’s Web

In this new title, Gage has turned to Spider Solitaire for influence. Essentially, the aim is to start with 10 stacks of cards. These stacks must then be
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