Home Entertainment: ‘It Comes At Night’ DVD Review

Studio A24 delivers yet another spellbinding minimalistic thriller with Trey Edward ShultsIt Comes at Night, which proves that atmosphere and tension can be more terrifying than any immediate danger that may jump its way onto our screens. What it lacks as a result of its minimalism it wholly makes up for through its enthralling visual composition and a masterfully paced score as all facets of filmmaking work in unison to produce a horror film that may not immediately scare you but will surely linger in your mind.

It Comes at Night takes place in the wake of an unspecified apocalypse. An infection has ravaged the Earth but the protagonists we follow know nothing of the details behind the plague, nor the state of the world beyond the shelter of their cabin in the woods. Paul (Joel Edgerton), his wife Sarah (Carmen Ejogo) and their son Travis (Kelvin Harrison Jr.
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