Review: Death Race 2050 (2017), another cheesefest from Roger Corman shot in Peru

Much like another Roger Corman production I reviewed a couple of months ago —the ever-hilarious and generically-named Ultra Warrior—, Death Race 2050 is an apocalyptic, grim-yet-colourful action movie set in a futuristic United States, but shot in my native Peru. The main difference is that this is no longer talking about 80s cinema. No, Death Race 2050 was released earlier this year, meaning one can expect a little more polish —and a truckload of digital effects— from the movie, instead of mullets and cheesy dubbing. This doesn’t make the film any less absurd or cheap-looking than Ultra Warrior. Or any less memorable than the original Death Race movie, for that matter. Actually, I found the movie to be quite refreshing, especially when compared to its...

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