Adrian Edmondson webchat – your questions answered on Rik Mayall, hate mail and what's in a Peperami

The former Young One revealed who he’d like to thwack with a frying pan, his guitar battles with heavy metal legends and what he makes of today’s sitcoms

11.13am BST

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Right, I'm off to hide in your hard drive and have a bloody good look at your internet history!

11.12am BST

usefulmirage asks:

Will your Malvolio be sympathetic or pompous?

I keep changing him. He's not a very nice man really is he? But he is badly abused. Should you abuse nasty people? I'm playing him as the kind of puritanical bastard he is. Although one line I'm trying to inject is that he is genuinely in love with Olivia and has been all his life really because she's about half his age. I think he's been holding a candle for her for ever. So like most mean-spirited people he's to be pitied.
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