Psychedelically Awesome Trailer for Neil Gaiman's How To Talk To Girls At Parties

When trailers often pop up as I search the sea that is the internet, I often will see some and think, "huh, that's a trailer". Other times I'll think, "wow, now, that's a trailer". And more often than not, I'll think, "great... another trailer for this friggin thing". Luckily, the trailer for How to Talk to Girls at Parties is nothing like I expected.

It stars Elle Fanning, the younger of the Fanning sisters as she is introduced to the world of punk... and the world of Earth. The trailer is very odd but I like what I'm seeing. It's visually beautiful and it features some great music. Elle Fanning looks like she might have landed a hit role for herself. Check out the trailer below. It's worth the two minutes of your life.

The story is set in the "exotic and unusual world: suburban London in the late 70s.
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