The Work in Beneath Us Takes Place Six Feet Under

Tagline: "The American Dream Can Be a Nighmare!" A few details have emerged, from below, for director Max Pachman's Beneath Us. The film has recently been completed. And, the film's first movie poster has been released. This title will show at the American Film Market, in Santa Monica, this November. Beneath Us stars Lynn Collins (The Hollow Point, 2016), Rigo Sanchez and James Tupper. All of the film's early details are hosted here. The story, for Beneath Us, involves a group of undocumented workers. They take a job at a remote home. Here, a wealthy couple put them to work. But, this work is bloody and hard. Will these immigrants ever be able to escape their torturers? This film was formerly titled Gringos. As well, it is expected that Beneath Us will release in 2018. Premier Entertainment is representing the film, for future distribution. And, it is expected that a trailer will be released soon.
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