Disturbing Disappearance Takes Place in our Exclusive Trailer for Geoffrey Girard’s New Horror Novel Mary Rose

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For a little over one month of her life, Mary Rose was missing. As haunting as her disappearance on a secluded Scottish island was, her sudden reappearance was even more unsettling. The subject of J.M. Barrie's ghost story and nearly the centerpiece of an Alfred Hitchcock film, this eerie fictional event is further explored in Geoffrey Girard’s new horror novel Mary Rose, and ahead of the book's October 17th release at Barnes & Noble (courtesy of Adaptive Books), we've been provided with the exclusive trailer for the novel to share with Daily Dead readers.

You can watch the trailer for Mary Rose below, and we also have additional details on the new horror novel. To learn more about the book, visit Geoffrey Girard’s official website.

"Mary Rose Moreland and Simon Blake are the perfect couple: successful young professionals in Philadelphia, attractive, madly in love, and ready to start a life together.
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