Scanners TV show in the works

Joseph Baxter Kirsten Howard Sep 28, 2017

David Cronenberg’s explosive 1981 sci-fi horror film Scanners is set to be made into a television series...

The realm of peak television just got a bit of news that’s looking to literally blow minds: Scanners, the esteemed 1981 science fiction horror cult film from director David Cronenberg, is set to be adapted – à la HBO’s Westworld – as a television series.

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A bidding war over the rights to the Scanners property saw Michael Ellenberg of Media Res and Bron Studios emerge victorious, reports Deadline. With prospective studio suitors consisting of Lionsgate, Paramount and Skydance losing out, Ellenberg will put a Scanners television series into development. Serving as executive producer, he's reportedly looking for a high-end filmmaker for the showrunner position.
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