Superman: The Movie three hour cut getting a release

Mike Cecchini Sep 20, 2017

A legendary extended version of Superman: The Movie will finally get an official release.

I seriously never thought I would live to see this day. Long before home video was a collector's format, when a blockbuster hit the small screen, it was a big deal. And when ABC in the Us aired Superman: The Movie, it was a big enough deal that they split it across two nights.

Yes, you read that right. Superman: The Movie's unwieldy 143 minute runtime wouldn't fit neatly in a normal time slot, so the network's solution was to extend the film itself to 188 minutes and add enough commercials to pad out two different two hour timeslots. That TV cut has been legendarily bootlegged far and wide for as long as I've been on the internet. The best ones would take the available widescreen footage, which would then jarringly cut to an
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