Steven Soderbergh interview: Logan Lucky and more

Ben Mortimer Aug 28, 2017

Steven Soderbergh on changing cinema, Logan Lucky, box office analysis, and radical ideas for film...

Steven Soderbergh, then. The man who walked away from movies, and came back when he found the right story. That story was Logan Lucky, now playing in UK cinemas. And Soderbergh took some time to chat to us about the film, and his work...

[As I enter I slap two recording devices on the table, and explain that I’ve had recording failures before, and now back up as I interview.]

When I was doing the Richard Lester book we’d done multiple, multiple sessions, and I gave the tapes to Faber and Faber to be transcribed, and they lost them. And I had to do the whole thing over; days and days of stuff. It was bad.

Does that ever happen on set? Not necessarily recording failures, but…

No. I think in the digital universe its more likely to happen, that somebody forgets to hit record, because there’s not much of a difference between being in record and not being in record,
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