‘We Go On’ DVD Review

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Stars: Clark Freeman, Annette O’ Toole, John Glover, David Bickford, Justin Carpenter, Jay Dunn, Edwin Garcia II, Laura Heisler, Terry Kaye, Logan Kishi, Peter Lucas | Written and Directed by Jesse Holland, Andy Mitton

Stricken by a paralysing fear of death and uncertainty about what lies beyond, sad-sack Miles (Clark Freeman) places an advert in the newspaper offering a $30,000 reward for anyone who can conclusively prove to him that there’s an afterlife. After receiving and dismissing hundreds of responses, Miles chooses three to follow up on. With his firebrand mother Charlotte (Annette O’Toole) as his sidekick, the duo set off to try and answer the big question once and for all.

Given the basic classified ad set-up, the mumblecore approach, vague ruminations on the meaning of it all and a central conflict between believers and sceptics, I was reminded strongly of Safety Not Guaranteed, though We Go On adds
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