Bridesmaids and Attic Dwellers are a Killer Mix with Unhinged: UK Release Details

Tagline: "Everyone's Dying for a Wedding Invite." The United Kingdom's 88 Films will distribute Unhinged. A remake of the 1982 film, by Don Gronquist, Unhinged will be available in late September. A North American release date remains elusive. Unhinged is a film from Dan Allen, featuring Lucy-Jane Quinlan (The Cutting Room, 2015), Kate Lister, Becca Hirani and Lorena Andrea. A UK trailer was released for this title, earlier in the year (hosted below). And, an alternate poster is also available. All of the latest release details for Unhinged are posted here. Both versions of Unhinged deal with a group of travelling friends. They are heading to a wedding, in England. But, the girls have a confrontation with a strange driver, leaving them stranded in the woods. A remote house offers shelter. But, Miss Perkins (Michelle Archer) is storing someone or something in the attic. Now, these bridesmaids must escape 'it,' if they
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