Fantasia Review: ‘The Honor Farm’ Possesses an Abundance of Style

If Karen Skloss’ feature narrative debut The Honor Farm possesses anything it’s an abundance of style. This is a gorgeously shot prom night turned mushroom trip romp of millennial excess caught in the throes of dream. We meet Lucy (Olivia Grace Applegate) walking through the woods in her dress — trees covered in toilet paper and forests of white light and ribbons manifesting a border between danger and safety. The evil (assumedly) arrives in the form of a person adorned by a stag’s head (the eyes blink); her salvation a boy with what we hope is love in his heart. It’s fantasy seeping into reality or perhaps just a series of quick visions devoid of truth beyond emotion rendered as experience. And as soon as it arrives it’s gone.

From disorienting, flickering beauty comes a dentist’s chair in stark contrast. Prom hasn’t happened yet as
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