Fantasia 2017: ‘The Honor Farm’ Review

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Stars: Olivia Applegate, Katie Folger, Dora Madison, Will Brittain, Louis Hunter, Jonny Mars, Liam Aiken, Mackenzie Astin, Josephine McAdam, Christina Parrish, Michael Eric Reid | Written by Karen Skloss, Jasmine Skloss Harrison, Jay Tonne, Jr. | Directed by Karen Skloss

The gown, the hairstyling, the limousine, the prom date – all the familiar details that make up graduation night, that inevitable ritual of passage into adulthood. Lucy (Olivia Grace Applegate) still does not have peace of mind – “Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions?” she asks her best friend, while they retouch their makeup. When her date turns out to be a total disappointment, abruptly ending the fairy tale, the fantasy seems to have evaporated. But then some classmates, who’ve arrived in a hearse, extend her a most intriguing invitation: a magic-mushroom trip out in the wilderness, in an abandoned prison farm (haunted, according to urban legend
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