Doctor Who series 10: Empress Of Mars review

Simon Brew Jun 10, 2017

Mark Gatiss pens Doctor Who series 10 episode 9, as we head off to the red planet in Empress Of Mars...

This review contains spoilers. Our spoiler-free review is here.

10.9 Empress Of Mars

“Is this Neil Armstrong?”

Now that’s how to end a Doctor Who episode.

Following what had been a fairly enjoyable 40-odd minutes, Mark Gatiss demonstrated again his underappreciated love of adding in a classic Who reference to his stories, by having a good chunk of the audience scrambling for their Peladon DVDs. The appearance of Alpha Centauri – voiced again by Ysanne Churchman! – was just the kind of surprise that I thought the show had lost the ability to keep. A small addition, but one that both gives long-time fans an added grin, and also gives the impression that the universe ticks along whether the Doctor is visiting or not.

If Alpha Centauri is entirely new to you,
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