The Alien Invasion Begins in Africa with this Exciting Trailer for Revolt

Quiet Earth has debuted the trailer for Joe Miale's Revolt. Aka Prisoner of War, this sci-fi thriller was shot in South Africa. Completed in 2015, the film will see its premiere in Japan, this Summer. A North American release date remains elusive. Revolt stars Lee Pace (The Fall, 2006) as a U.S. soldier, fighting off an alien invasion. Though, the aliens look very robotic. Revolt also stars: Bérénice Marlohe and Amy Louise Wilson. The film's official trailer, courtesy of Dutch FilmWorks, is hosted here. The synopsis, from distribution house, Voltage Pictures, mentions a French aid worker. Together, Bo (Pace) and Nadia (Marlohe) stave off mankind's extinction as the world is overrun by robotic juggernauts. The war looks hopeless, unless new technology can be developed, to thwart the onslaught. The trailer shows some of the film's special effects. The alien force is almost entirely developed via CGI. Meanwhile, the settings show
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