Interview, Audio: Comedian Demetri Martin on His Film ‘Dean’

Chicago – The dry, hangdog demeanor of comedian Demetri Martin is familiar to fans who have watched his Comedy Central show, “Important Things,” experienced his notable stand up routines and read his best-selling books. It seemed a natural to leap into film, so Martin has written, directed and portrays the title character in the new release, “Dean.”

Dean (Demetri Martin) is in a life funk, due to the death of his mother the year before, and the break-up of his engagement shortly thereafter. He plunges into his work as a cartoonist and illustrator, but he can’t shake the recent losses. His father Robert (Kevin Kline) is trying to reach out, but can’t seem to get through to him, until he tells Dean that he is selling the family home. This puts the title character into a tailspin, and even an escape to Los Angeles – and meeting a free spirit
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