Humans Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Proximity

The synths are coming, the synths are coming!

On Humans Season 2 Episode 4, we see the beginnings of a secret synth initiative, or are synths being used by humans for their own agenda? Hmm. This should be interesting.

What started out as the simple sacking of Joe took a sinister turn. I didn't see that swerve coming, but thank goodness Joe had Mattie to sniff out the conspiracy.

How he made that leap wasn't really explained very well. I mean, why did he suspect something just from a standard buyout agreement?

Seems a tad convenient from a storytelling perspective, but it is what it is.

So, are synths Really making upper-level business decisions at his former company? 

My guess is no. I think he was fired as punishment to Joe's family for Laura's involvement in the Niska deal. 

This is how we lose, you know. It won't be robots that rise
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