Pet Brings Two Crazed Lovebirds Together in this United Kingdom Trailer

United Kingdom based distributor Signature Entertainment is set to release Carles Torrens' (Apartment 143) Pet. This horrifying thriller pits one very lonely man against the woman of his dreams/nightmares. Centrally starring Dominic Monaghan and Ksenia Solo, the film has already released via Video-on-demand, in the Us. It is now slated to show on DVD, in the UK, this March. A UK official release trailer is available now! The trailer shows Seth (Monaghan) stalking Holly (Solo). He follows her to her work. Then, he ups the ante, by abducting her, in her own home. In a remote locale, Holly becomes unhinged as Seth struggles to deal with her devolving personality. Who is crazier Seth or Holly? Pet looks to be an exciting psychological thriller. Fans in the UK will be able to pick up this title on March 13th. Us fans can likely find Torrens' latest on their favourite VOD platform.
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