Tickled review

Ryan Lambie Published Date  Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 12:30

In David Cronenberg's freakish, genre-bending classic Videodrome, a sleazy cable TV boss seeks out the most sleazy entertainment he can find to put on his channel - but then discovers a disturbing underworld that he wished he'd never seen.

There are several curious parallels between Tickled, a new feature-length documentary hailing from New Zealand, and Cronenberg's 1982 movie - not that Tickled's reporter, director and narrator has much in common with Max Renn, the protagonist of the latter. But TV reporter David Farrier, who normally specialises in those fluffy stories you see at the end of the news, soon finds himself in way over his head when he starts investigating something called "competitive endurance tickling" - a supposed sport that fronts for something far more sinister.

It all begins when Farrier stumbles on a company called Jane O'Brien Media, and one
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