Houdini And Doyle Review – Fox Mixes Winning Elements Into Unlikely Star

If nothing else, Houdini and Doyle is a show put together by people who love watching television… and know where, and how, to borrow from the unusual things that seem to be working.

The danger involved here is that it will end up feeling too cobbled together. The obvious popularity of Sherlock, and other period mysteries doesn’t necessarily mix well with sci-fi/paranormal, even if such things are also gaining traction in the ratings. This one even throws in some of the goofy fun of Murdoch Mysteries, which is a great show, but sounds a little screwy on paper.

The long and short of it is that Houdini and Doyle has too many things going on to have much chance of success, and it has to also deal with the idea of keeping some semblance of the reality of two historical figures… plus ghosts.

The show avoids the pitfalls
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