Blue Eyes recap: episode five – Sweden's answer to Reservoir Dogs

The body count is rising fast in Stockholm, with a weeping woman executed on live TV. It’s all spinning out of control

Well, that was seriously unpleasant. You had a feeling it was not going to end well from the very beginning, when a happy family (white mother, black father, two cute kids) were having a jolly breakfast in their gorgeous house overlooking a lake. It was all going swimmingly until Mum got ready to drive to work, when we saw her through the kitchen window being bundled into a car by two men in balaclavas. Yes, it’s an everyday morning in suburban Stockholm.

She spent the rest of the episode tied to a chair in what looked like a deserted underground car park. (At the risk of being over-literal, how did she go to the loo?) Blue Eyes went decidedly Reservoir Dogs at this point, as mad
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