Terry Gilliam’s 'Don Quixote' gears up for September shoot

Terry Gilliam’s 'Don Quixote' gears up for September shoot
Shoot is due to take place in Spain and Portugal on long-gestating project, now joined by producer Paulo Branco.

Producer Paulo Branco (Cosmopolis) has boarded Terry Gilliam’s long-in-gestation The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, which the director has been struggling to produce since 1998.

According to a simple release headlined “Paulo Branco to produce Terry Gilliam’s mythical project”, principal photography will start in September 2016, with the shoot taking place in Spain and Portugal.

Branco’s Paris-based Alfama Films is producing the feature with Spanish outfit Tornasol Films and Leopardo Films. It is budgeted at $18.2m (€16m), according to the release.

The feature, based on a screenplay by Gilliam and Tony Grisoni, is loosely based on Miguel de Cervantes’s iconic novel Don Quixote.

There was no detail on who would play Quixote or Toby Grisoni – a time-travelling sidekick added to the story in Gilliam and Grisoni’s screen version.

Gilliam first tried
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