Oasis: Every Album Ranked From Worst To Best


The general consensus about Oasis is that they came out of the gate strong, then valiantly fizzled, and then turned into complete and utter garbage seemingly overnight. They’re the quintessential example of a band “peaking too soon.”

Few bands have had to deal with the same high level of expectations that Oasis has throughout their tenure atop the Britpop mountain. A lot of that is self-imposed, as the band constantly felt the need to declare themselves the greatest thing to ever happen to music (nay, to the world). But it also had everything to do with how insanely good their first couple of albums were.

It must’ve been maddening trying to top what most people agreed were nearly perfect albums. And you could tell when the band was struggling to outdo themselves versus when they had seemingly thrown in the towel. It was always reflected in the quality of their albums.
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