The X-Files Revival: 21 Wtf Moments From Episodes 3 & 4


We’re more than halfway in.

Two more episodes of The X-Files revival (Fox has taken to calling it Season 10 these days, perhaps indicating hope for a future season or two) have come and gone, and brought with them plenty of Wtf moments.

Interestingly, these two episodes could not be more different. One was an off-the-wall, light-hearted, comedy themed X-Files episode that turned out to be the instant classic many had predicted, while the other was a dark, drab monster of the week attempt that did as much wrong as it did right. Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster and Home Again might be seen as a lesson in contrasts, but both are worthy of a second look.

Why? Both had totally insane moments, off-the-wall, bizarre, and completely unexpected scenes that included a scandalous Scully sex scene (imagined, mind you), murder victims being torn limb from limb by a
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