10 Bloodiest Wrestling Matches Ever Broadcast


So here’s the problem with writing a list-based article based on the bloodiest pro wrestling matches you can find that have been on the telly: there are, at last count, Seven And A Half Billion Of Them. And every one of them is supposedly bloodier than the last.

Us pro wrestling fans – the proper, hardcore nerdy types who remember the dates and runtimes of individual matches in Japan seventeen years ago – are incredibly precious about blood. It’s one of the signifiers that differentiates a casual fan from a real fan, after all: we know that red means green, and what a crimson mask should really look like. We understand the difference between hardway and a blade job (in fact, we call it ‘gigging’ like we read that they do in the business, just to make sure everyone knows we’re smart to it). We have our favourite bloody matches,
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