The 6 most heartbreaking moments on The X Factor ever

It always starts the same way. The opening few piano notes of something slow by Coldplay or Labrinth. A contestant swallows hard, then starts talking about their sick mum/child/dog. And suddenly, before Cheryl can even grab a tissue, you're sat on your sofa blubbing like a toddler.

Yes: The X Factor has given us some of the most heartbreaking moments on TV over the years. And from hysterics at Judges' Houses to Simon Cowell's own rare, salty tears, here are 6 moments that shattered us, ruined us and gave us every feeling possible.

1. Gamu Gate

The so-called 'Gamu Gate' has become a central part of X Factor lore. 18-year-old Zimbabwe-born Gamu Nhengu had given flawless performances throughout the whole show, right through to her rendition of 'Cry Me Out' for Cheryl and at Judges' Houses. Surely she was a dead cert for a spot in
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