WWE 2K16: 10 Stone Cold Steve Austin Matches They Overlooked

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WWE 2K16 is less than a month away, and a post on the 2K forums has revealed the confirmed Stone Cold Steve Austin matches in 2K Showcase Austin mode.

There’s some classics in there, no doubt about that. Getting to play through Austin’s epic feud with Bret Hart that culminated at WrestleMania 13, and his unforgettable match with The Rock at WrestleMania 17, it is going to be a nostalgic rollercoaster of excitement.

But there’s also a range of classics that 2K have neglected to include. Some of the omissions are forced on 2K, as not every wrestler from the period is under a WWE contract or were available for the game. Other omissions are blatant oversights, but at least the overall quality of the Austin content looks good.

The matches to be included are-

vs. Pillman – Clash Of The Champions Xxv

vs. Steamboat – Bash At The Beach ’94

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