The silent-era film stars who risked life and limb doing their own film stunts

In the second part of our series on early cinema, we celebrate the courage of Buster Keaton in Steamboat Bill Jr – and four other actors who were tough enough to take the knocks on set

Buster Keaton was no stranger to landing on his backside, but even he found the Steamboat Bill Jr (1928) shoot gruelling. “I took a pretty good beating,” he said, which is quite an admission from a man almost addicted to high-risk stunts. The film, which is rereleased in UK cinemas this month, is more violent than most. It sees Keaton jumping between paddle steamers, and being tossed in the air by a storm created by gallons of water and six high-powered wind machines.

Film-making was always a bruising business for Keaton. He had broken his ankle larking around on a moving staircase for The Electric House, been knocked unconscious by cannon fire on the set of
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