Bret Hart Wants Owen Hart In WWE Hall Of Fame Next Year

Bret Hart took part in a Periscope chat with Tsn’s Off The Record where he answered fan questions for 16 minutes. As always, he was very opinionated about a number of subjects, including his late brother Owen Hart being inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame.

“I’m hoping next year at WrestleMania that he’ll be inducted and I’ll be really sorely disappointed if he’s not. It’s really overdue.”

He said he was looking forward to the Owen Hart DVD that will be released in December, but that it was too controlled and that WWE had to tip-toe around things so they didn’t offend Owen’s widow Martha Hart. Bret thinks that Martha has made an ass of herself and it has pissed him off because she has tried to erase his legacy.

He spoke about how people should remember Owen fondly, that
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