The Funny Reason Thor Made A Cameo In Adventures In Babysitting

Virtually everyobody of a certian generation remembers the 1987 hit Adventures in Babysitting fondly. One of it.s best-remembered scenes is one is the one in which Thor-obsessed child Sara (Maia Brewton) believes the mechanic fixing their car is, in fact, the Asgardian god. But why is the little girl so into Thor? Turns out it.s because director Chris Columbus had no idea who He-Man and She-Ra were. Speaking with Yahoo Movies, Columbus talked about his directorial debut and how he.d never even heard of He-Man and She-Ra, the characters that Sara was supposed to be in love with. He said: In the original script, the young girl was obsessed with characters named He-Man and She-Ra...At the time, those characters meant nothing to me. But I was a huge Marvel comic book fanatic, and so I thought Thor would be an interesting character to go with . not having
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