Oz deal to adapt popular Us sci-fi novels

Filmscope Entertainment has secured exclusive film and TV rights to Us author Margaret Weis. Star of the Guardians sci-fi novels. The protagonist is a Royal Guardian who battles her ex-lover, a powerful and ruthless warlord, in the ultimate fight to control a galaxy and to restore glory to the kingdom and the rightful heir to the throne. Filmscope partners Deidre Kitcher and John V Soto intend to start by adapting the first novel of the series, The Lost King, into two films. It.s the most ambitious undertaking yet by the filmmaking duo whose credits include Soto's The Reckoning, Needle and Crush, and almost certainly would require the backing of a Hollywood studio or mini-major . .We are talking to several Us based parties at the moment, although open to discuss this project with others,. Kitcher and Soto tell If. Kitcher first read the books in the 1990s and sparked to the strong female protagonist,
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