Your favourite secret corners of the British countryside – mapped

To tie in with BBC series Secret Britain, we asked you to suggest underappreciated corners of the country. Find them all using our custom-built map – just try to keep them to yourself

Last week was the start of a new series of Secret Britain, the BBC1 show where the corn-fed duo of Adam Henson and Ellie Harrison ferret out the forgotten corners of our countryside. Cue plenty of sunlight sparkling through waterfalls and the word “amazing”.

To mark the first episode – and to perhaps trump their selections – we invited you to share your own secret parts of Britain. Hundreds of comments later, at least half of you harrumphed that you’d be keeping your favourite place to yourself, thank you very much, lest it be overrun by quinoa-picnicking Guardianistas. But just as many shared a wealth of fascinatingly obscure spots, from remote Scottish islands to the industrial north-east, forgotten Home Counties villages and southwestern woodlands.
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