Interview: Mark Burton and Richard Starzack talk Shaun the Sheep Movie

Flickering Myth sat down with the directors of Shaun the Sheep Movie…

Out now in cinemas, Shaun the Sheep makes the leap from TV to the silver screen with Shaun the Sheep Movie (read our review here) and Flickering Myth Deputy Editor Luke Owen caught up with its directors Mark Burton and Richard Starzack, who also wrote the movie. Check out the interview on the Flickering Myth Podcast and read what they had to say below…

Lo: Are we calling the film Shaun the Sheep Movie, or Shaun the Sheep: The Movie?

Mb: We thought everyone would call it The Shaun the Sheep Movie, but we ended up getting snowed under by “the”. So it’s Shaun the Sheep Movie. That was actually the first six months of development – just getting the “the” in the right place! (laughs)

Lo: You’re both first time feature directors, this is quite
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