Marrakech Film Festival Review: The Very Sour But Slightly Sweet 'Chigasaki Story'

Director Takuya Misawa is clearly a cinephile, and his directorial debut, “Chigasaki Story,” was a fine selection to follow the tribute to Japanese cinema at the Marrakech Film Festival, as the film’s title is a direct reference to the legendary Yasujiro Ozu’s “Tokyo Story.” There is even direct reference to the auteur, as the seaside resort where the film takes place is described as the location where Ozu would hole up to do his writing. And because it takes place in a hotel, it’s impossible to not draw comparison to Renoir’s “La Règle du Jeu,” and the associations don’t stop at the location: the film is rife with make ups, break ups, miscommunications and misunderstandings among the denizens. Risa (Natsuko Hori) has taken up temporary residence in the casual inn in order to prep for her wedding celebration (the groom is en route). Her work
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