8 Reasons To Check Out See No Evil 2 This Halloween

In 2006, WWE Studios released “See No Evil,” a horror film directed by music video veteran Gregory Dark. It starred Kane as psychotic serial killer Jacob Goodnight, whose mommy issues and strict religious upbringing led him to descend further into madness. In that film, he offed teenager after teenager in the hotel that his family owned. It was gritty, dark, gruesome and bloody and earned somewhat of a cult following on home video. It had its flaws, such as a muddled story, but also featured some incredibly unique and original kills.

As much effort as WWE put into promoting the film, it allowed it to fade into history, failing to recognize that the horror genre was hurting for a new iconic slasher. Hatchet, created and directed by Adam Green, satisfied fans’ appetites but there was still that desire for a fresh new character to emerge and take the genre by storm.
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