L.A. Web Series Gets HBO's ‘Greenlight’

A Web series about the insecurities of young Angelenos caught the eye of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who tapped it for the finals of their HBO series “Project Greenlight.” Before being entered into the HBO competition, “Beanie Bros.” was an episode of “Age of Insecurity,” a Web series created by filmmaker Adriano Valentini. Now, it could help secure him a job directing a greenlit feature. Valentini, a Canadian filmmaker, videographer and editor based in L.A., recently had a group Skype call from Damon and Affleck to break the news he’d made the final round. "That was pretty crazy. Matt Damon said I was a great writer, so that was better than making the top 10,” Valentini told Backstage. He’s now taking a break from his Web series to complete the competition’s final task—shooting a short scene. Still, Valentini said he didn’t want “Age of
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