Woodward To Washington: Evolution Of ‘The Equalizer’

Though he’s been no stranger to the action genre over the years, Denzel Washington officially joins the league of mature asskickers this month with The Equalizer. Just as Liam Neeson has the Taken franchise, so Columbia Pictures hope audiences will take to Robert McCall’s controlled vigilante antics and clamour for sequels. People of a certain age remember the movie’s source material, a 1980s American TV series starring an unlikely British lead, which Washington and director Antoine Fuqua have distanced themselves from. I presume this isn’t out of disrespect – the new version is more a reimagining than an adaptation. But it shares enough with the original to warrant a closer look at the small screen events that gave rise to this high octane fest of bone cracking and soul searching. We begin by going back to the 1960s, where the UK drama showcase Armchair Theatre introduced us
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