Interview: Jesse Moss’ The Overnighters

Throughout the filming of his heart-wrenching new film, The Overnighters, director Jesse Moss acted as a sort of cinephilic one man band, shooting the story of Pastor Jay Reinke and the desperate men he’s been helping in the modern oil boom town of Williston, Nd all by his lonesome. Over the course of 18 months, off and on, Moss buckled down and lived amongst the weary men sleeping on the floors of Reinke’s church to observe what exactly was taking place in this over-saturated small town. Just after the film’s premiere, yet before it took home the Special Jury Prize from the Sundance Film Festival, I sat down (in Park City) with Jesse to discuss how he discovered the situation in Williston, if he felt if the rampant fear within the town was justifiable, what it was like shooting all alone in such a vulnerable situation and much more.
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