7 Ways WWE Can Save The New Reality Era


For every hardened member of the WWE Universe who says the company must “make new stars,” the “New Reality” era has (for the most part) solidly sucked in doing so. It’s not as if the company isn’t trying. Since 2013, well over a dozen fresh faces have debuted in WWE, with varying levels of success. Of late, the success-to-(early) failure ratio has been less than ideal. More than anything, this lack of success should cause a period of awareness to ensue regarding what makes the New Reality era different on a plethora of levels.

In covering what makes this era different, as well as ideas to make it a success, here’s seven ways that World Wrestling Entertainment can salvage its latest new talent initiative.

7. Nxt Spotlight Matches


There should be an award given to any member of the WWE Universe who can currently
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