Thn Talks ‘Badults’ With Matthew Crosby

If you love a bit of good ol’ fashioned comedy then BBC Three’s Badults just might be the one for you. It returns for its second series June 2nd, and we spoke to Matthew Crosby and talked about love interests, World Cup, and BBC Three’s possible channel closure.

Going into series two, where do we find Tom, Matthew and Ben? Still trying to be adults?

Yeah they’re still three idiots, not trying to really cope with life, and they’re still living together. It’s quite funny they are sort of…you know you can be this way with your friends, especially when you’re a bit younger, you can be very close to your pals but you’re also antagonistic, they annoy you more than people you don’t know. Does that make sense?

Yes, Definitely!

That’s the kind of set up we’ve got between the three of them.
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