Film Review: 'An Autumn Afternoon'

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★★★★★Familial ties and their effect on our lives were always a chief concern of Japanese master Yasujirô Ozu, specialising as he did in shomin-geki: realist films about ordinary people. His final film, An Autumn Afternoon (1962), is a fittingly contemplation of the passage of time; the dangers of holding tightly to the past collide with the pain of letting it go. Starring Ozu's regular cypher, Chishû Ryû, this was one of only a handful of colour films made by the director and is now rereleased by the BFI from a new 2K restoration courtesy of Shochiku Studios and Tokyo's National Museum of Modern Art. Ryû plays the affable widower Shuhei Hirayama, whose advanced years haven't dimmed the twinkle in his eye.
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