The Monuments Men: a rickety plot ruins this relic hunt

George Clooney's epic about second world war art theft gets the true story of these art sleuths right, but needs to be liberated from too much material and a wayward plot

George Clooney calls for Mona Lisa to be returned to Italy

Monuments Men (2014)

Director: George Clooney

Entertainment grade: C

History grade: B

The Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives programme was a group of men and women in the Allied armies who protected and preserved treasures during the second world war, and later found and returned art stolen by the Nazis.


It's March 1943. Belgian monks hide their altarpieces, a swastika flag flutters in front of the Eiffel Tower, and Adolf Hitler is pilfering art from all over Europe to build a collection for his planned Führermuseum. Meanwhile, in the Us, museum curator Frank Stokes (George Clooney) tries to persuade American commanders that European art is worth saving. "This is Da Vinci's Last Supper,
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