Buster Keaton Month - The Electric House and The Navigator

Oliver Davis continues our Buster Keaton month with reviews of The Electric House and The Navigator...

The Electric House, 1922.

Silent comedies like these often have such overly complex set-ups. For The Electric House, a two-reeler (about 20 minutes long), Buster Keaton has his 'Botany' degree mixed up with an electrical engineer's (Steve Murphy) at their graduation ceremony. As the University Dean quickly needs someone to fit his house with the latest technological gadgets, he recruits Buster as his electrician. In a mixture of bewilderment and wanting to get into the Dean's daughter's (Virginia Fox) knickers (who is inexplicably also at the ceremony), Buster accepts. You know, that old tired and cliched plot.

That's all done with in the opening few minutes, leaving the rest of the movie to get on with the good stuff: Buster installing the most useless and potentially harmful inventions he can imagine. It's a classic Keaton trope,
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